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Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is Habitat for Humanity?

Loudon County Habitat for Humanity (LCHFH) is a Christian organization dedicated to eliminating substandard housing in Loudon County by building simple, decent, affordable homes with families in need.

Founded in 1992, LCHFH will break ground on our 110th house in the spring of 2017 and have helped build over 50 homes outside globally with our tithe to Habitat for Humanity International.

2 Does LCHFH give houses away?


In our program, qualified families buy the houses that are built by them and our volunteers. Each family is required to work 250-500 hours of “sweat equity.” This is a combination of construction work, homeowner education classes and working in the Habitat Restore.

After the house is complete, it is sold to the family at no profit and mortgaged with an affordable loan.

3 How is LCHFH funded?

When available, LCHFH applies for and has been granted Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds which have partially funded some LCHFH houses. In addition, HFHI partners with national corporations who donate house-building products, such as shingles or appliances.

While we are grateful when we are successful in obtaining HUD grants and HFHI product, both are awarded on a competitive basis and we have no guarantees that we will receive either.

LCHFH operates independently and continually works to identify local funding through individuals, churches, community organizations and companies in our area.

4 "Who qualifies for houses?

Approved families must be Loudon County residents who earn up to 80% of the median income for this area and are pre-qualified through a process that includes a credit check to determine income level as well as debt-to-income ratio.

Other requirements include demonstrating a need for decent housing, the ability and willingness to partner with Habitat and the completion of sweat equity hours.

5 How are families chosen?

LCHFH’s Family Selection Committee reviews applicants and conducts home visits to the family’s current residence.

The committee makes recommendations to the board of directors who have final authority to approve applications.

Families are chosen without regard to cultural background, sex, handicap, religion or station in life.

6 How can I get involved?

Whether you want to apply for a house or you are looking for volunteer opportunities for you, your civic organization or your church, we welcome your involvement.

Please give us a call at (865) 458-0704 and we will discuss how you can become involved in our program.